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By Wout Lievens

Free shipping for €50+ orders!

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For example Terraformer, Kokomo, Ilydaen, Pray For Sound, Astralia and 25 others.



Number 27, 28 and 29 is being pressed right now and will be released this November:

Celestial WolvesPost rock o' clock!
After releasing their first album Wood for WoodCelestial Wolves will also release their second full length together with dunk!records. Illusive Landscape of Expression will be released on CDand vinyl. Release party is planned on December 5th at Cirque Mistic, Aalst.

 Slowrun from Finland self-released Prologue in 2013 on CD. Their second album Resonance is ready to be released on CD this November. On dunk!records of course. They already released two songs from the upcoming album: Remember and Introspection. Be sure to check out their beautiful atmospheric, instrumental rocktunes.



Environments from Romania are releasing ambient / rhythm / noise records since 2011. For this one they themed up with dunk!records. Ascunwill be released on CD. Check out the beautiful song Sine from the upcoming album. It comes with a video! Also the title song Ascun is already waiting for you on their bandcamp. Headphones and some volume are recommended for their immersive experimental sounds.