Back in office after dunk!USA

By Wout Lievens

Back in office after dunk!USA

In case you didn't notice yet, we're back at work after our adventure in the USA. We had a great time! (But financially not so much...)

Back in office is maybe not the right way to say it. Because in the next few months we will be working hard on setting up our own vinyl pressing unit near our festival headquarters. That means we'll be spending a lot of time there actually building this thing, running some tests later on and hopefully be 100% up and running early 2018. We will try to open our store in Ghent as much as possible (also on Monday and Tuesday if possible). But we won't be able to stick to the usual opening hours. Of course our online store is open 24/7 and packages will be shipped within 2-3 business days, as usual. Everyone is still welcome in our store but it's probably a good idea to drop a message first, so you won't be disappointed by our closed door (which by the way is now entirely made of wood since someone decided to break the glass in the middle of the night).

Thanks for understanding!


(Picture is Set and Setting at dunk!USA by Lenscapes)