Girih joining dunk!records and A Thousand Arms

By Wout Lievens

Girih joining dunk!records and A Thousand Arms

This is something to look forward to! Girih is a brand new band from Manchester, New Hampshire and we're excited to have their debut album coming up on vinyl through dunk!records and A Thousand Arms later this year. Their very first single was premiered on the Hemispheres: Volume II compilation last week!


It is a rare and exciting opportunity to come across a band that is working as a virtually unknown quantity but with a fully-realized sonic aesthetic. Girih is just such a band. Having cut their teeth in the Boston scene in bands like Actor | Observer, Shot Heard Around The World and Next To Fall, the members of Girih come into this project well-seasoned and ready to unleash the next evolution of their collective musical journey. Already building a reputation in the greater Boston area for a startlingly powerful live performance, Girih is now prepared to make their debut to the world.

Eigengrau is a 6-song Masters' class in dynamic textures and forceful riffing. It features an uncanny and intoxicating balance of the driving aggression of post-metal and the graceful melody of post-rock, with just a dash of the fretboard wizardry common to math rock. It's this ability to blend styles that sets Girih a notch above; avoiding the one-note pitfalls inherent in prescribing to a single genre style, they invite a larger audience to appreciate the work they've created. Their heavily-textured sound translates impressively to their live performance, boosted by their expert use of looping and layering on stage. Beyond their finely-tuned aural tapestry, they find other ways to engage fans by planting secrets and Easter eggs within their visual material, leading ultimately to a number or intriguing buried treasures. But you'll have to explore further to discover what that's all about.

text by A Thousand Arms