Her Name Is Calla [interview]

By Wout Lievens

Her Name Is Calla [interview]

For the dunk!festival 2019 magazine, distributed at the festival, David Zeidler had a chat with Her Name Is Calla about their last album and their last show ever. This is what his introduction to their set described:

This will be a huge, emotionally-charged set for so many reasons. Treasured veterans of the dunk!stage, Her Name Is Calla will be making one more trip this year, to both commemorate the release of their final album, Animal Choir, and to bless us with the last live performance of their decade-plus career. It will be bittersweet, but the sheer gravity of the moment is sure to make it one of the most memorable in dunk!festival’s history. There are also few better ways to close out a career than with the release of a double-album as stunning as Animal Choir.

You can read he was absolutely right in his review on Heavy Blog is Heavy.

Or read the extended interview with Her Name Is Calla as it appeared in The Stargazer Magazine Issue #4: