Out of office for dunk!USA

By Wout Lievens

Out of office for dunk!USA

One of the perks of running a festival in the USA is that it requires us to be there, not really actually but we like to think we're needed there. So we're heading to Vermont and we'll be sticking around for the next two weeks. During that time our physical store in Ghent will be closed. Of course you can still hang out and listen to our music in this online store. Incoming orders (and the Appalaches pre-orders) will go out as soon as we're back somewhere between Oct. 20 - 23rd.

By the end of the month we will also have a ton of interesting news about upcoming fall releases and represses. For those who missed out on our recently sold out albums (The Ascensionist, Departure Songs ...) feel free to use the 'notify me' feature we installed on the product pages. That way we have a better idea of the relevance for a repress and you'll be the first to know when the album is back in stock!

Hope to see some of you at dunk!USA where A Thousand Arms will be selling a selection of our recent releases.