Song premiere for the upcoming All We Expected LP

By Wout Lievens

Song premiere for the upcoming All We Expected LP

"Hatàr continues to get better as it burns on, making its imminent release something to strongly anticipate. Riff enthusiasts, consider yourselves put on alert." — David Zeidler for the Arctic Drones song premiere.

Have a listen to Abano, the first track from the debut full length Hatàr by All We Expected.

“The only thing stronger than the mighty mountaintops, the rocks and the dead sharp cliffs, is the sound of rattling guns, of alleged human supremacy. Conquered, we conquer. In his solitude, he who has lost his family is a father to the sheep, roaming the peaks for better lands, waiting for a god to return while his sacrifice is in vain. Bearing his wounds and standing his ground, like Prometheus on the highest top. In his ruins of flesh and stone, only history remains.” — Tim Theo Rex