System update concerning VAT

By Wout Lievens

System update concerning VAT

Good news! We've updated our tax rule system. During checkout you'll see a price split where prices are shown without (first step) and with VAT and shipping costs.

Prices on the homepage and product pages are always shown with VAT included but are split up during checkout. Shipping costs are always shown VAT included.

Customers who are eligible to order free of VAT (any customers outside EU and businesses in the EU, not in BE) won't be charged the 21% VAT. Invoices are generated automatically and are available in your account.

Free shipping is now applied for orders over €50 (21%VAT excluded so that results in the same €60 as before) to Belgium and surrounding countries and for order over €75 (+21% VAT = €90,75) to other EU countries.

If any problem occurs please get in touch!

(PS: search results prices appear without VAT, still working on that.)