1099 • S/T [2xLP]

1099 • S/T [2xLP]

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1099 in gatefold cover on red vinyl, limited to 100.



1099 is a mainly instrumental post-rock band from Trondheim, Norway. You’ll find distorted noisy atmospheres, soundscapes, and even cinematic builds. It’s all over the place is a damn great way. This is,  like so many others before, burdened by shipping cost. Give this album a listen — and by listen, I don’t mean one track. This is an album that requires a true listen. At least meander through various tracks to really get the solid feel for this one!!

But make no mistake though… let it be the distorted noise side of the album or the cinematic / experimental built-up side of the album, this 73-minutes album is best listen from the start till the end -The Siren Sound