Besides • everything is [CD]

Besides • everything is [CD]

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'everything is' by Besides on CD.



Besides started out in 2011 in Brzeszcze, Poland. In less than 3 years it became one of the most popular bands in the Polish post-rock scene. They even won millions of Polish people’s hearts during a TV talent show (Must Be The Music) and won the main prize of its eight edition. That is something pretty unbelievable right?

Their second album 'everything is' contains eight rather heavy post-rock songs, the last song is even more post-metal. The songs are composed according to the rules of the post-rock genre. Fragile intro's fluently building up to loud climaxes. Dozens of pedals, shaping the shreds and repetitive drum parts grooving the song to its end. This one has to be part of your post-rock collection.