Field Rotation • Fatalist: The Repetition Of History [LP]

Field Rotation • Fatalist: The Repetition Of History [LP]

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Fatalist: The Repetition Of History by Field Rotation on vinyl. 



Thick matte gatefold cover, thick black inner sleeves, 180g vinyl, free mp3 download code. This is black vinyl, limited to 350 pieces!

Field Rotation was founded 2008 by the electronic music composer and producer Christoph Berg in Kiel, Northern Germany. Experimenting with electronic and classical elements this project combines floating soundscapes with electroacoustic colours to create minimalistic soundtracks renouncing of visualisation but interacting with the listeners emotions and feelings. As a violinist and pianist Christoph combines the synthetic sound engineering with natural sounds to communicate his short acoustic tales and impressions.

After various EPs, remixes, collaborations, and compilation contributions, his main release so far, the album 'Acoustic Tales', was released in 2011. It is certainly an understatement to say that 'Acoustic Tales' received a positive response from both the general audience and the music press:

"like a melancholic Max Richter – but just as beautiful as his music" (Jazzthetik)

"a stylistic flair rarely seen in today's over-populated musical landscape." (The Silent Ballet)

"a work which will doubtlessly cause the last minute re-writing of many 'best of 2010' lists (…) appeal(s) to fans of Rachel's, Max Richter or perhaps Peter Broderick." (Futuresequence)

"unexpected, devastating, and timeless work." (The Muse In Music)

"eleven acoustic tales of stirring beauty" (Morpheus Music)

"... one of the most haunting albums of the year." (Fluid Radio)

With his new album Field Rotation concentrates on the more classically based production, continuing and expanding upon the musical idea of his 'Acoustic Tales' project. 'Fatalist: The Repetition of History' is marked by a noticeable inner fragility, the contrast between bitter harshness and stirring melancholy. In the fatalist view of history, the ancient Greeks thought that just as the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter repeat themselves every year, history would do the same and follow a cyclic course. This may or may not be true, however, Field Rotation has certainly succeeded once again in composing an album which will ease as many minds as it will thoroughly shake. — Denovali