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The One Above by hubris. on double 180g vinyl


"The One Above", the fourth album of swiss post-rock band hubris., offers a musical analysis of Plato’s allegory of the cave. It contains four songs which reflects the four distinct parts of the allegory. Just like their previous records, Greek Mythology is still the primary source of inspiration for their music. Othrys, a primordial mountain from the Mythology is used as the starting point of the allegory and the entire concept. Mount Othrys was famously chosen by Kronos and the Titans as a base during the war with the Gods known as the Titanomachy. Musically-speaking, this new record illustrates both the characteristics of hubris.’s post-rock, i.e. electronica and progressive rock-metal. Introspection is still the general flavour of their music to which is added cutthroat distorted parts and buzzing synthesisers.

This new album is the result of two years of hard work during the COVID period which forced the band to sit home rather than go out and play shows. It ended up being more difficult than the other ones to compose because they felt like they had a huge weight on their shoulders: do something that people would like just as much as the previous albums while also composing something that felt true to how the band felt during this complicated period.


01. The One Above
02. Of Light
03. Shade and Gloom
04. Beneath Othrys

Pressing information:

First pressing on Trans Yellow w/ Blue Center Blob 2xLP (limited to 100 copies) - SOLD OUT

Second pressing on Heavy Yellow Splatter now available! 

out on New Noise

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