Loathus • Self Titled [CD]

Loathus • Self Titled [CD]

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Self titled CD by Loathus.
Released by Tokyo Jupiter Records.


Loathus (myspace) were a Belgian band that played the Screamo/Post-Hardcore splendor. apocalyptic and melodramatic down tempo Hardcore, like City Of Caterpillar or Funeral Diner. not the Envy post-rock, but the Mihai Edrisch epic screamo style. with only 3 members, they had dual-vocal elements, very diverse drum patterns and the guitar and bass sound very asymmetric, individually. the sum of these elements gave the band a very 'full' sound and would give today's bands in the broad spectrum of this style quite the run for their their money. 2 members went on to form a (modern) Post-Punk style band OLD WOUNDS (myspace)