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Black On Black by Monophona on CD releases on Kapitän Platte.



Monophona from Luxembourg released their second full length album ‘Black On Black’ on January 30th through Kapitän Platte, the German label that has other great artists like EF, Immanu El, We Stood Like Kings,…

Their first album ‘Spy’ was released in 2012 and received a lot of praising words. That album was completely put together in a studio while ‘Black On Black’ is more the result of what they learned from playing live.

‘Black On Black’ keeps true to the typical Monophona atmosphere as we know it from ‘Spy’. It lets your mind wandering in dark forests, over misty roads to small villages under a cloudy sky, trapped between the hills. But they don’t keep you in the same place for a long time. Sawtooth synths, her fragile voice, heavy or jazzy drum parts or beats. It all pushes you through the stories, evolving from extremely beautiful to exciting and haunting parts. No time to get bored. And certainly not on a live show.









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