Niō • Niō [CD]

Niō • Niō [CD]

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Self titled EP by Niō on CD.



Niō is a collaboration by Davide Tiso and Jef Pauly. They started out in San Francisco in May 2015 with writing and recording this EP which is released on Sept. 30th, 2015.

"This duo doesn't create the elaborate sonic landscapes that some of the most popular post-rock acts have. Instead, these five songs are raw power and energy. It seems to take the genre back into a more primitive form, heavy, complex and somewhat harsh. In that aspect, I guess it's safe to add tags like doom metal (riffs) and noise rock (atmosphere) to what I'm hearing right now. So check it out if you're in for something different. Like I was, you might be pleasantly surprised with this ep". - Merchants of Air