pg.lost / Wang Wen • Split [LP]

pg.lost / Wang Wen • Split [LP]

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Split LP with pg.lost and Wang Wen on brown vinyl in gatefold cover.



A split LP with pg.lost and Wang Wen is never a bad idea! Two excellent post-rock bands that both showed us at least once how it's done live at dunk!festival.
Pg.lost from Sweden is known for their dramatic post-rock consisting of dark intro's and epic climaxes. And also their song (it's one song split into two chapters) for this release has the typical sound of shredding guitars and repeating drums building up the suspense.
Wang Wen is one of China's leading post-rock bands. Their post-rock has a lot of layers: literally by adding different piano sounds, trumpets, violins,... but also a lot of mood swings. The variation in their music will feed your curiosity. Sudden bursts of distortion guitars can be followed by fragile violin parts.