Radare • Im Argen [LP]

Radare • Im Argen [LP]

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Im Argen by Radare on vinyl.
Second press, new cover color, 180g vinyl, download included.



Im Argen is a slow and intimate album. When I saw the crashing car on the cover I didn't really know what to expect but actually it fits perfectly. When listening to the music I imagined the car crashing in super slow motion. Such an intense and dramatic moment that only takes a few seconds is being stretched and unraveled over the course of an album. And when you stretch things it gets thinner but also gains a lot more tension. While imagining the car slowly crashing you fantasize about the people in the car and the lives they have (or had) and the stories that go with that. This album gets you very close to that crash without getting injured.

You will like this if you like Angelo Badalamenti and Bohren & der Club of Gore.