Silian Rail • Parhelion [LP]

Silian Rail • Parhelion [LP]

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'Parhelion' by Silian Rail on LP.


Semi-transparent orange vinyl in an embossed heavy weight (350gr) 100% recycled cyclus offset cardboard sleeve, with a 3mm spine all around. Gold and copper prints and trimmings on the back and the spines. Cyclus offset cardboard inner sleeve with full color print and additional copper printing. Black labels with copper print.
Included with the LP, is a download coupon for a digital format of your choice: MP3, AAC, FLAC or Ogg Vorbis.

Silian Rail is Robin (guitar) and Eric (drums, foot synth, glockenspiel). They play instrumental music which combines richly complex, open-tuning, finger picked guitar playing with aggressive, intricate drumming. Their songs are constantly shifting mazes of rich melodies and intense rhythms, equally epic, fragile and explosively dynamic. They are long lost friends who grew up together in North Carolina and parted ways at 13, only to re-meet by chance years later in California. Drawn together by the shared history of their musically rich hometown and the sheer oddball luck of the situation, they began playing music together. They immediately found it quite delightful. They have played with great bands like From Monument to Masses, Maserati, Tartufi and Judgement Day. Sometimes they play places like Bottom of the Hill, sometimes they play at sweaty houses. Other things about them: performed original live scores four years running for the Madcat Women's International Film Festival, collaborations with visual artist Luke Judd, proud members of Thread Productions (East Bay Express' Best Music Collective of 2007), alongside Tartufi and Low Red Land......They are both interested in the weather, but Robin checks the forecast ahead of time, while Eric kind of likes to be surprised. But don't pigeon hole them......