Stearica • Oltre [CD]

Stearica • Oltre [CD]

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Oltre by Stearica on CD.


Italy’s Stearica have been together for ten years. During that time, the Turin based three-piece have played their intoxicating and trippy, musical soundscapes on the live circuit all over Europe. At the tail end of last year they went into the studio and put down what is remarkably their first album. Oltre (Homeopathic Records, 2007) is the result and comes beautifully packaged with excellent art work and styling. Stearica present a multi-textured, multi-dimensional, and multi talented cinematic style of original and experimental music. They explore their creativity in a way that underlines the album’s title. The Italian word Oltre is roughly translated as ‘beyond’ and that is precisely where the album will take you. Ranging from sections of tranquil beauty to controlled explosions of light and atmosphere Stearica delve deeply into the recesses of your mind. They create strong visual images and passages that seem devoid of time or any other earthly distractions. The result is a heady journey into the unknown. Oltre takes you as far as your mind will allow you to go. Running seamlessly from start to end it is some ride. Totally absorbing it hooks you in and will not let you go. Never certain of which direction they are taking you next adds to the mystery and compulsion to listen to it intently. This is real ‘lie on the floor lost in your headphones’ music on one level or a joyous blast from the speakers the next. Stearica have honed their craft over the ten or so years they have been together and have managed to lay down an album that captures the vibe they have been creating all over Europe. With tracks entitled “Beyond The Red Bells I’ve Heard Gold Bulls”, “W. The King Of Assholes”, and “Sky Smokes Clouds”, you’ve just got to be intrigued, right? Stearica are in fact Francesco Carlucci, Davide Compagnoni, and Luca Paiardi who collectively play a whole range of instruments and devices to produce Oltre. The list of guests is an impressive one too.