Tangled Thoughts of Leaving • Yield to Dispair [2xLP]

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving • Yield to Dispair [2xLP]

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Yield to Dispair by Tangled Thoughts of Leaving on 2xLP in gatefold cover.



Tangled Thoughts of Leaving proved at dunk!festival2013 and 2015 to be an excellent live band with great energy on stage which resulted in some pretty cool pictures every time.

"Tangled Thoughts of Leaving’s music demands attention. Whether it’s through a live performance or a recording, the music demands that the listener devote their undivided consciousness to the experience. Vocals are scarce - but this is not background music. By way of a piano-led amalgamation of prog, post-rock, jazz, noise, metal and classical film soundtracks, TToL have crafted something of their own: sometimes intensely heavy, relentless and epic; at other times fragile and intricate." - source

Yield to Dispair was released in April 2015.