The Hirsch Effekt • Holon:Anamnesis [LP]

The Hirsch Effekt • Holon:Anamnesis [LP]

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Holon:Anamnesis by The Hirsch Effekt on vinyl.


The Hirsch Effekt is an artcore band from Hanover, Germany. Formed in 2009, The Hirsch Effekt consists of lead singer and guitarist Nils Wittrock, bassist and vocalist Ilja Lappin and drummer Philipp Wende.

“The Hirsch Effekt have dedicated themselves to shaping extravagant sound puzzle images. In various acts the listener is exposed to the utmost mash up of corrosive metal, darksome doom, infuriating mathcore, introverted emotional moments and penetrating punk rock. To ensure a correct understanding, it must be emphasized that the music does not spring from technical boasting, but personal sorrowful traumata that take hold of the very depths of the human soul.“ 
– Andreas Wilder, Unterm Durchschnitt