Upcdownc • Black Sea [LP]

Upcdownc • Black Sea [LP]

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Black Sea by Upcdownc on vinyl.



For those of you that till now had no occasion to get to know them, upcdownc are a four-piece band from Kent, UK, formed in 2000. Their live performances are really famous and they have played very extensively throughout Kent, London and the UK supporting huge bands like 65Daysofstatic, Oneida, Kinski and The Drones but also headlining and setting up their own shows and tours.

Black Sea is composed of 10 miracles of the music world and even if this journey only lasts a bit more than one hour, the experience you’ll have won’t leave you and it will be the soundtrack of your day. The opening ‘Twilight Sleep’ sounds like the perfect sound for a dark and gloomy science movie with its sinister undertones. - Source