Out today: "The Return of Inertia 2.0" by Outrun the Sunlight, available in two EU variants, each limited to 125 copies worldwide! 

The original album was written in 2011 by Austin Peters and Cody McCarty at the ages of 19 and 20. Austin was studying film at university during the day, and at night would spend as much time as he could making music. The final product was a messy, harebrained expression of instrumental metal music, but highly resonant with a newly formed online community of djent and metal fans.  Austin: "The album was badly recorded, poorly mixed, and yet none of that seemed to matter. The songs continued to be played, requested, and became the backbone for the start of this band and a huge jumping-off point that motivated me to make more music."

Nine years later, in 2020, the world was in lockdown, and Outrun the Sunlight was between drummers. With a new album on-hold, Austin looked for ways to keep his creative energy flowing, and began to slowly re-recording the guitars for the re-release, purely for fun, not at all knowing where it was going to lead. As the songs took shape, Austin started to invite the current members of Outrun to perform and reinterpret the original music. He enlisted his long-time friend James Knoerl (Aviations), who was living in New York, to put his spin on the drum parts.

We can tell you: this revamped 2.0 version sounds ABSOLUTELY KILLER!