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The Void Of Expansion • Governed by Decay [LP+CD]

The Void Of Expansion • Governed by Decay [LP+CD]

Limited edition of 200 copies

This is not a journey for the casual listener, but as is often the case the greatest rewards lie beyond the most difficult challenges. If you are seeking to learn how the manipulation of the sparsest sounds can be formed into something entirely engaging, or to witness how true musical artists can compose fully-realized works without once leaning on the riff-and-hook formula, perhaps you are prepared for Governed By Decay.

Part one and two comes on 180g colored vinyl, part three is included on CD. Released on Febr. 12th, 2019.

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Nonsun • Black Snow Desert [2xLP]

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Gifts From Enola re-releasing 'From Fathoms' on dunk!records

Now approaching its tenth anniversary, the band has teamed with producer Will Benoit (Junius, Caspian, Constants) for a new mix and master that brings the album into the present day with a renewed fierceness and clarity of vision that demands re-discovery. (...) With dunk!records brand new release of From Fathoms listeners will finally have the opportunity to hear this record as it was meant to be heard, and the experience will leave no one wanting.

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Ranges • The Ascensionist + Live at dunk!fest 2018 + Deluxe CD/DVD [pre-order]

Together with the amazing people from A Thousand Arms and Ranges we've been spending a lot of time working on some cool stuff. And good things always come in threes.

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Black Friday Discount!

It's probably interesting to mention that we decided to run a Black Friday promotion from Black Friday until Monday. When buying a dunk!release you will automatically get a 25% discount on any vinyl or CD from the 'other artists' section.

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[ B O L T ] • ( 0 4 ) [LP]

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