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Nonsun • Black Snow Desert [2xLP]

Nonsun • Black Snow Desert [2xLP]

Release: Jan. 25th

Black Snow Desert by Nonsun on double colored 180g vinyl in gatefold cover (reverse cardboard). Comes with a direct download.

"A mammoth and extraordinarily well crafted effort from Nonsun, “Black Snow Desert” is certainly a must for any avid drone/doom fan". — The Sludgelord

"Listening to Black Snow Desert is like taking a pilgrimage through a constantly changing landscape...This isn’t music that you can just turn on as background music and then go about your business. There’s too much to miss, and the payoff from fully immersing yourself in the sound is too great." — Metal Bandcamp

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pg.lost • Live at dunk!fest 2017 [2xLP]

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First release of 2018: Nonsun • Black Snow Desert

We're excited to announce our first release of 2018. Nonsun from Ukraine will release their debut album Black Snow Desert with us on January 25th. Their dark immersive experimental drone doom metal is the perfect soundtrack for these dark and gloomy winter...

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Wrapping up 2017

Lots of amazing things happened in 2017. We had the 13th edition of dunk!festival: 3 sunny days with 44 intense shows. We announced the first names for dunk!festival 2018. We flew over to Burlington, VT for the first edition of dunk!USA. What a wonderful experience that was! Just a few days ago we announced our very own vinyl pressing plantis coming soon. And next to all of that we released 18 amazing albums on vinyl this year. Some of them sold out and were repressed right away. Five of them made it into the Post-Rock Listeners' Choice: The 50 Best Releases of 2017.

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pg.lost • Live at dunk!fest 2017 [2xLP] pre-order available now

Pg.lost from Sweden has been responsible for a few epic moments in the history of dunk!festival. The first one was in 2010 where they blew us away with their shredding post-rock sound. We kindly invited them to do that again in...

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Live pictures on this page are taken by Davy De Pauw at dunk!festival.