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Flash The Readies • DUNA [LP]

Flash The Readies • DUNA [LP]

Limited edition of 150 copies

"On their sophomore release for dunk!records, the Czech Republic’s Flash the Readies take further leaps into post-rock and post-metal territories with their unique merging of instrumental textures and dramatic psychedelic outpourings. (...) Duna is an immersive experience that illustrates their thorough dedication to embracing and expounding upon all the genre has to offer." — Young Epoch

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Appalaches • Cycles [2xLP]

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[ B O L T ] + LAVAS MAGMAS • Song premiere and pre-order [VIDEO]

The artists join forces on “[ 1 7 ] / Shadow of a Grey Ghost,” with [ B O L T ]’s haunting melodic sensibilities acting as a backbone for weighty feedback orchestration and an increasing amount of electronic textural accents, before eventually settling down into a welcome epilogue that offers moments of rest after the immersive exploration of mounting volume that marks the track’s first three-quarters.

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We Lost The Sea • 'Triumph & Disaster' (first song premiere and pre-order)

Triumph & Disaster is a post-apocalyptic view on the collapse of the world told like a children’s story and illustrated through the eyes of a mother and her son as they spend one last day on Earth. In this album we try to talk about themes and events such as the climate crisis, over consumption, isolation, and the loss of love and trust. It is a lament for our planet, all of us on it and the beauty we will leave behind.

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Her Name Is Calla [interview]

For the dunk!festival 2019 magazine, distributed at the festival, David Zeidler had a chat with Her Name Is Calla about their last album and their last show ever. This is what his introduction to their set described:

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Gifts From Enola • From Fathoms [2xLP]

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