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Kokomo • Totem Youth [2xLP]

Kokomo • Totem Youth [2xLP]

Released Nov. 15th

Totem Youth is the product of musicians coming together to compose the music that most honestly reflects their feelings in the moment, with no pre-determined design going in. The result is weighty and dark, looming and uncompromising. But there is also residue of hope, echoes of light beyond the darkness. The band chose to leave digital elements behind, to focus solely on organic instrumentation, in hopes of establishing the theme that we have only ourselves to count on as we march forward. They also took to spiritually associated instruments like bells, gongs, rattles, and even a child’s flute, anything that could aid in a reconnection with the natural world that we have largely neglected.

Comes on 180g double colored vinyl (Turquoise w/ Black Marble & Milky Clear.

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It Was A Good Dream • Help Me To Recollect [LP]

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