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Coastlands • The Further Still [2xLP]

Coastlands • The Further Still [2xLP]

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The Further Still by Coastlands on 180g colored vinyl.

If To Be Found can be considered the calm before the storm, then The Further Still is the full force of the maelstrom, washing away the primarily-subdued textures that once defined their studio work and replacing them with towering riffs, swirling melodies and a desperate immediacy that listeners will no doubt revel in as they clutch their fists, clench their teeth and ride these heroic waves of sound beyond the horizon.

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Nonsun • Black Snow Desert [2xLP]

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Ranges • The Ascensionist + Live at dunk!fest 2018 + Deluxe CD/DVD [pre-order]

Together with the amazing people from A Thousand Arms and Ranges we've been spending a lot of time working on some cool stuff. And good things always come in threes.

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Black Friday Discount!

It's probably interesting to mention that we decided to run a Black Friday promotion from Black Friday until Monday. When buying a dunk!release you will automatically get a 25% discount on any vinyl or CD from the 'other artists' section.

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Girih • Eigengrau [LP pre-order]

"It is a rare and exciting opportunity to come across a band that is working as a virtually unknown entity but with a fully-realized sonic aesthetic. Girih is just such a band. Having cut their teeth in the Boston scene...

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[ B O L T ] • ( 0 4 ) [LP]

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