"A strange message of hope in these dark times" - '( 0 5 )' by [ B O L T ] available for pre-order!

As one of the longest-tenured bands on the dunk!records roster, [ B O L T ] has released six records with us to date and their long-awaited new full-length album ( 0 5 ) is now finally available for pre-order!

Many words have been spent describing [ B O L T ] and their music: unrelenting, suffocating, intense, heavy,…. Only one is however really necessary to define them: devotion. The devotion of this German trio to their dark craft is commendable, moving and total. With a career now spanning well over a decade, [ B O L T ]’s uncompromising mission to build punishing soundscapes through the most unconventional means, is a real force to be reckoned with.

( 0 5 ) moves with agility between total sonic onslaught and peaceful droned out bliss. The band takes turns between restrained and stripped back moments and full-out aggression, on the ears, on all sense. “A schizophrenic scenario - half threatening, half hopeful” says the band, but one absolutely worth checking out - add we. This album once and for all shows [ B O L T ]’s commanding control of soundscapes. It sees the band freely flowing time and time again from calm relaxation to a crushing wall of sound then back again to tranquility and stillness. And the rewards it returns are just as massive. ( 0 5 ) is testament to [ B O L T ]’s ductility and versatility as something truly laudable and unmatched.

It is final proof that [ B O L T ] firmly belong to the metal realm, but should be credited for ever pushing its boundaries, for ever expanding its possibilities.