'Rememory' is out now!

Happy release day to It Was a Good Dream! Their highly-anticipated debut full-length album 'Rememory' is out now on all platforms and on quality colored vinyl in two stunning variants. The exclusive edition sold out in just a few hours, but we still have the regular edition in stock.
'Rememory' is a 45-minute journey into the power of memories, or how subtle hints and sounds can trigger intense feelings of joy, melancholia, beauty and gratitude, sadness and sorrow. 'Rememory' is a masterclass in bending the constricting boundaries of post-rock and verse-chorus-verse composition, to explore a deeper connection between music and the listener.
US, UK, AU and CN residents can get their hands on the regular variant through A Thousand Arms, Church Road Records, Wild Thing Music Store and NEW NOISE CHINA!