Album announcement: [ B O L T ] • ( 0 5 )

A dull wavering, a nervous rustling. There is tension in the air. Like a thunderstorm that approaches threateningly from a distance, only to slowly disappear again and finally return with even greater force. After several minutes the calm finally returns. [ B O L T ] takes their time and play a wicked game with patience.

Five years after their fourth full length got released on dunk!records, we are delighted to announce that their new studio album ( 0 5 ) will be released on April 21. A 78-minute long 2LP with 7 of the most versatile songs of the band’s history. 

The artwork already gives an idea of where the journey is heading: a torn cloudscape over a mountain landscape. A photo of Fujiyama in Japan with the so-called "suicide forest" Aokigahara at the foot of the majestic mountain. Single rays of sunlight struggle towards the treetops. A schizophrenic scenario - half threatening, half hopeful.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more news soon...