Two Vaudlow pre-orders online!

Today we launch two new pre-orders for Vaudlow!

We're talking about their self titled debut album, initially released in 2019 and their upcoming new album titled A Language Unspoken. Both of them are co-released with A Thousand Arms in the US. Release is scheduled for Dec. 1st, 2023.

In 2019, Vaudlow unveiled their self-titled debut album, a captivating dive into the world of post-rock instrumentals. With singles like "This Could Be Ours" and "The Counterpart," the album is a journey through tranquil yet emotionally charged soundscapes, where the band's musical expertise shines. "Vaudlow" artfully blends peace and emotion, using music as a universal language to convey intricate feelings. This album is a testament to their ability to craft sonic landscapes that resonate deeply with listeners. - PRE-ORDER HERE

A Language Unspoken:
Vaudlow, the post-rock duo, returns with an album called A Language Unspoken that's been eagerly awaited by fans worldwide. Created in the intimate spaces of bedrooms, spanning the distance from Boston to Nashville, this new release represents a transformation of their distinctive sound. While retaining their emotional resonance, Vaudlow has embraced new, darker elements, demonstrating their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their craft. Despite their consistent creation process, their growth as artists shines through in their composition and songwriting. This upcoming album is a testament to their enduring ability to captivate with powerful, emotive music, offering listeners a transcendent journey that seamlessly continues from their debut. - PRE-ORDER HERE