Belgian space freaks Kozmotron about to release a truly space & time bending epic journey on dunk!records

dunk!records to all cosmonauts out there: brace yourselves for our newest signing! The new double LP by always-unpredictable and forever-weird Belgian space freaks Kozmotron will be released over our wavelengths later this year! 🛸

Aptly titled “Beyond Event Horizon”, the band’s newest record incorporates elements of jazz, noise, dub and funk to deliver a truly space and time bending epic “space rock” journey. For their third full length, these aliens have doubled down on the “unexpected” factor and embarked on a four-act cosmic exploration laden with synths and sax extravaganza and more reflective introspectiveness and they’re ready to take you with them. So fasten your seatbelts and commence countdown, “Beyond Event Horizon” drops on October 20! Pre-orders will follow very soon!

Now check out the first advance single “Kat Man Doo” & the album’s artwork on their Bandcamp page! 🪐🪐🪐

Photo by Davy De Pauw, Stargazer Stage, dunk!festival 2017.