Coming December, Vaudlow will release their follow-up album on dunk!records and A Thousand Arms

In 2019, Nashville based postrock duo Vaudlow released their self-titled debut album into the world. Although it dropped fairly quietly, as Heavy Blog Is Heavy put it back then, they should be considered among the more recognizable and well-regarded names in the American post-rock scene.

Remarkably, Vaudlow consists of just two members, yet their music possesses a richness that defies their limited lineup. Their compositions exhibit a well-balanced mix of dynamics and creative interplay, demonstrating a strong sense of artistic collaboration.

Vaudlow is rhythm, passion and thunder. Vaudlow is melody, a voice beyond language. Drummer, Josh Parra, and guitarist/producer, Matt Bolton, bring to life a product of chance and necessity. The chance of the duo’s uncanny chemistry and the necessity to express the moments in their lives when words fall too short.

Their eagerly awaited follow-up album 'A Language Unspoken' is due December 2023 via dunk!records and A Thousand Arms. The first single ‘Cascades’ will be out this Friday!