dunk!pressing 2.0 video tour

In our team at dunk!pressing, we have a lot of talented people. Not only with pressing vinyl and handling records, but other creative stuff too! Some of them are very good with audiovisual projects so gave them a day off and let them hang around the plant for one day to document the daily processes they are usually an active part of.

The result was the video below: a tour of our factory and an overview or our everyday work. An insight into the highly manual process we have set up and the very intensive quality controls we have in place. Welcome to dunk!pressing! Sit back and enjoy the tour, and the amazing music by RANGES.

Are you planning a vinyl production? No matter how small or large, you’re always welcome to visit us here and discuss the options for your project in person with our vinyl pressing professionals. Or simply reach out to us through our client zone at dunkpressing.com. We look forward to press your record(s)!