Pre-orders for Lethvm's 'Winterreise' are live!

A heavyweight champion in the dunk! catalogue and a ko-at-first-round heavy-hitter of an album, 'Winterreise' by Lethvm is up for pre-order now!
Tones are dark, tempos slowed-down and syncopated, themes bleak and heavy, however there’s much more here than an uncompromising taste in destruction. From the first spin, 'Winterreise' reveals a surprisingly emotional vulnerability, focused on personal struggles and topics dear to the band, like melancholia, loneliness and anger, and a honesty that’s disarming and fully convincing.
This record is massive, it is heavy and unforgiving, but highly immersive and ultimately, addictive. Meant to be played loud, Winterreise is only the latest addition to dunk!’s heavy catalogue and Lethvm’s lethal discography, but certainly already a standout and highlight in both the label’s and band’s repertoires.
Available on Smokey Milky w/ Black Blob & Rusty Red Splatter colored vinyl and limited to 300 copies worldwide. Also available through our worldwide partners.