Pre-orders for Mushroom Giant's new album are live!

Formed in 2002, this band have become a legendary part of the Australian underground music scene. The band’s new album "In A Forest" is a passionately crafted instrumental epic. Awash in soundscapes and fuzzed out psychedelia, the record is yet another example of why these Australian veterans are so revered by their peers. From the hard rock of "Mountain Ash", to the post-rock of "Vestige", to the hangover inducing "Earthrise", it's all impeccably produced and performed. Where their live shows are often accompanied by visual projections to overwhelm the senses, the experience of listening to Mushroom Giant alone is enough to conjure imagery just as powerful in the mind.
Co-release with The Bird's Robe Collective and Rue Morgue Records. Out April 28, a few weeks before their appearance at Dunk!festival 2023....
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