Pre-orders for 'Oscillating Forest' are live now!

'Oscillating Forest', the fourth album by Australian progressive post-rock giants Tangled Thoughts of Leaving is up for pre-order as of now!
It's an exquisite record that sees the band pushing down on the experimentation button and delivering a luscious soundscape that may even floor the listener at first with its gigantic proportions, however it ultimately rewards with a super rich listening experience.
The opening five minutes already reveal so much of a record that’s going to be anything but linear, and methodical like post-rock can be. 'Oscillating Forest is first of all, full of surprises, but more importantly, more about a wholesome continuous listen than a song-by-song album. It's pretty much the harsh and varied landscape of the south-west of Australia - the sounds, intensity, emotion and life-cycles of the bush - in audio form.
Out August 4 in co-release with Bird's Robe Records.
Note that our stock is rather limited for this one!