Surprise! 'Night & Day' by RANGES available on vinyl for the very first time!

Surprise! Out now! "Night & Day" by RANGES on vinyl for the first time ever!

Released 8 years ago as a standalone digital single, "Night & Day" is one epic 24-minute-long journey and one of the most cathartic pieces the band has ever written. For this re-issue they gave 'Night & Day' the full vinyl-treatment, with a brand-new remaster, completely reimagined artwork and vinyl exclusive music!
And if you know Ranges, you know they always go above and beyond with their packaging - this time the band hand-printed a very limited number of screen printed inserts (66 copies) that expand the artwork.

Three options available:
𝘕𝘐𝘎𝘏𝘛 variant: Dark Red Desert Vortex (ltd 117 copies)
𝘋𝘈𝘠 variant: Milky Smoke w/ Brown & White Splatter (ltd 117 copies)
𝘋𝘌𝘓𝘜𝘟𝘌 variant: Vortex or Splatter variant (surprise, no choice of color) including a hand-printed alternate cover insert (ltd 66 copies)

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