Feed Me To The Waves • Intill [2xLP]


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Intill by Feed Me To The Waves on double colored 180g vinyl.
Pressed with our own hands at dunk!pressing.

Second pressing was released on Febr. 12th, 2020. Disc 1 comes in blue marble, disc 2 in red marble. Limited to 150 copies.

First pressing was released on November 29th, 2019.
Limited to 100 copies split red/blue marbled vinyl.



Vasteras, Sweden’s Feed Me To the Waves is an instrumental post-rock band that seeks to translate the Nordic flora and fauna into song, crafting a sound that imbues somber tones and a meditative spirit with the kind of warmth, gentleness and attention to finer details and emotional nuances that characterizes their deeply valued cultural experience. “Intill” translates roughly to “beside,” a word that outlines and informs the intended impact of the record. The band strives to honor the beauty of the natural world that is ever present even as we sometimes overlook it, as well as the essence of that untamed wilderness that lives within us, longing to be engaged. The seven tracks that comprise Intill are a sonic companion for this simple yet integral concept, intended as an accompaniment for each listener as they tread upon their own unique paths to self-discovery.

The music here is atmospheric yet direct and highly impactful, a remarkably impassioned collection that rewards patience and careful consideration with an experience that surveys melancholy and uplift in tandem, highlighting and celebrating the intrinsic importance of both. This is not a “singles” album, but a cohesive composition that works best when given the space and time for its tracks to build its essence layer by layer in step with one another. The band’s moniker proves a savvy one, as their music is indeed the kind that urges listeners to let go and allow themselves to be carried away in the lush and comforting waves of sound sweeping against the shores of their hearts and minds.

An immersive and moving experience, Intill encourages vulnerability and fosters frailty, absorbing these dispositions, allowing them freedom to exist in their rawest forms, and offering a renewed sense of security and a calm confidence to those dedicated to taking the leap. Certain to speak to listeners who favor the deep, unshakeable emotional impact of traditional post-rock, Intill is the kind of record that reminds you why you fell in love with this music to begin with, and pushes you discover the beauty in those things that have always been by your side.

— text by Young Epoch / David Zeidler


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