Wander • March [2xLP]


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March by Wander on double vinyl. Disc one is electric blue with black splatter and disc two is color in color coke green with black. Cover comes in a special holographic foil finish.


This album was originally released on Headless Queen Records on March 1st, 2019. Only a limited amount of 20 vinyls is going though dunk!records in the EU.

Edit: because of the huge response to this album we restocked this title with 40 copies.

"March has an extremely high replay value, the quality high on every track, as it was on Glass. The difference between albums is that the band is now confident enough to stretch its wings, no longer content to play rock, now attempting guitar-based symphonies, and succeeding." — a closer listen

"This is a breakthrough post-rock release for the group and for the genre. If Wander was living in black and white before, they are now experiencing vivid color through March." Phluff



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