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A Burial At Sea • A Burial At Sea [LP]


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A Burial At Sea by A Burial At Sea on Cyan/Orange Merge vinyl. Presented in an alternative artwork colour matching the vinyl effect. 

This is a Moment Of Collapse Records release. 


“Fun” is hardly the first word that springs to mind when speaking of instrumental post-rock music. In a genre defined by selfseriousness, A Burial At Sea are the outsiders of the outsiders. The usual rock n’ roll setup of guitar, bass, drums is bolstered by a mini two-man horn section, which has resulted in the band to be labeled as “trumpet-core” and “post-rock mariachi”. Following the release of their debut EP in 2017 the band began making waves in the experimental rock scene supporting genredefining heavyweights Tera Melos and Listener. The band toured relentlessly across Europe from 2018-2019, often for a month at a time, and even resulting in the hospitalization of a band member. The tours included a further high-profi le support for the likes of Some Became Hollow Tubes (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) as well as an appearance at Bergmal Festival 2019 in Zürich (Emma Ruth Rundle) as well as Post In Paris 2019. They traveled to 60% of the band’s native country of Ireland to record their self-titled debut album, bringing with them producer Tom Peters (Alpha Male Tea Party). The bombastic, yet optimistic full length LP draws from everything from emo, to math-rock, to hardcore punk, and even black metal over the course of it’s 45 min run time.



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