All We Expected • Hatàr [LP]


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Hatàr by All We Expected on 180g colored vinyl.
Comes with 12" art print and download code.

Release: Dec. 8th, 2017.

"Hatàr continues to get better as it burns on, making its imminent release something to strongly anticipate. Riff enthusiasts, consider yourselves put on alert." — David Zeidler for Arctic Drones

"This is top-notch post-metal, something all fans of Russian Circles and Cult Of Luna should add to their collection." — Merchants of Air

Voted #38 on 'Post-Rock Listeners' Choice: The 50 Best Releases of 2017' — Post-Rock & Arctic Drones


Driven by intense emotions and raw energy, Belgian instrumental post-metal band All We Expected brings forth a fierce mix of dark reverby patterns, melodic bass lines and pounding drums. In 2014 they released a first EP, followed by a split LP with Irish sludge band Raum Kingdom in 2015. Now, they are ready to release their debut full length through dunk!records. Soothing, yet at the same time evoking a controlled feeling of rage, this four piece will leave no one untouched.

While writing new music, All We Expected felt there was something being told through these new pieces, but they couldn’t really define it at first. Halfway through the writing process of the album, things started to become clearer and they finally got a grasp on the atmosphere they wanted to work with. When the band met up with photographer Tim Theo Rex a few weeks later they had the opportunity to go through some of the artist’s latest work – a series of photographs taken on a solitary trip through the desolate border region of Georgia and South-Ossetia – and immediately felt a strong connection between his art and the music they were creating. This collaboration resulted in ‘Hatàr’, a story about desolation, sacrifice, determination and despair. 

“The only thing stronger than the mighty mountaintops, the rocks and the dead sharp cliffs, is the sound of rattling guns, of alleged human supremacy. Conquered, we conquer. In his solitude, he who has lost his family is a father to the sheep, roaming the peaks for better lands, waiting for a god to return while his sacrifice is in vain. Bearing his wounds and standing his ground, like Prometheus on the highest top. In his ruins of flesh and stone, only history remains.” — Tim Theo Rex



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