[ B O L T ] + LAVAS MAGMAS • Collaboration [LP]


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Collaboration LP with [ B O L T ] and LAVAS MAGMAS.
Comes on 180g colored vinyl. Limited to 150 copies.
Pressed with our own hands at dunk!pressing.

Released: July 19th, 2019.



A year and a half after Duisburg, Germany’s [ B O L T ] made their debut as a trio with the addition of drums to their trademark dark drone sound, they’re finding their way back to the core of what initially drove them sonically, exploring harrowing soundscapes with focused ears, bringing aching melodic underpinnings to a canvas awash in repetition and grim contemplation. They’re joined by an aesthetic comrade in Lavas Magmas, the Gainesville, Florida outfit propelled by field recordings and foraged objects. Together these artists tether their guiding principles through a shared interest in building great intensity through unconventional means.

There is a kinship and a noticeable through-line on these tracks, with each artist contributing their own unique take on parallel ideas. [ B O L T ] demonstrate on “[ 1 2 ]” an ever-expanding forcefulness built through the increase of volume and distortion on sustained notes, impressively achieving feverishness without relinquishing control. Lavas Magmas accentuate electronic instrumentation with tape manipulation and the organic contributions of found objects to give “Sepsis Psychosis” a feeling of being lived-in, an almost tangible sonic environment that envelops the listener and guides the experience in a non-intrusive manner.

The artists join forces on “[ 1 7 ] / Shadow of a Grey Ghost,” with [ B O L T ]’s haunting melodic sensibilities acting as a backbone for weighty feedback orchestration and an increasing amount of electronic textural accents, before eventually settling down into a welcome epilogue that offers moments of rest after the immersive exploration of mounting volume that marks the track’s first three-quarters. This is a record for adventurous listeners who appreciate the generous possibilities that reside within seemingly unembellished ideas and relish in the unencumbered journey from minimalism to magnitude.

— text by David Zeidler (Young Epoch)


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