car crash weather • Terra Nostra [LP]


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We’re excited to offer you the new album by Swiss post-rockers Car Crash Weather, an eclectic blend of exhilarating prog and chunky post-metal titled “Terra Nostra” that’s destined to get on your “heavy rotation” playlist! “Terra Nostra” (meaning “Our Earth”) is more than a simple record, it’s a concept album exploring the deep connection between man and nature and exposing the deep contradictions in this relationship. As the name suggests, humans depend and rely on nature for their survival, yet, often times see themselves as above nature and use it to their own vested interests. The tragedy and inescapable irony of our human condition is perfectly captured in this 36-minute-long sonic journey, an album that explores musically and dares mentally. The listener will in fact be invited to think and reflect on these issues, and the role we all play in changing the course of the events. Throughout the listening experience, questions will be asked but no clear answers given, it’s up to one’s own liberal interpretation to think, to find out, and to act accordingly.

Musically, “Terra Nostra” doesn’t stray too far from the path of some of its sacred predecessors. Hints and homages to Russian CirclesCaspianWe Lost the Sea, are clearly audible and recognisable from the get-go, yet Car Crash Weather infuse their music with a peculiar “proggy ” character, never shying away from using synths for added volume and ambiance. The end result is convincingly cathartic, yet diverse enough to keep the listener attentive and engaged for the whole run time. For its more “political” and experimental side, “Terra Nostra” does wink to the big prog bands of the 1970s such as Banco del Mutuo Soccorso and PFM and their playful nature paired with a mature and critical intent. And the addition of rocky breakdowns is just added bonus value. In the end, it is this sapient mix of robust riffing with more delicate and elegant compositional weavings, that elevates “Terra Nostra”  to a higher level, amongst the classics of the genre. A true gem hidden deep underground in the bowels of the Earth that’s been dug up and now deserves your attention!

P.S. The full story behind the record is available on the band’s official website and we invite you to discover it!


01. On the Back of Zeus
02. The Servant
03. Dominion
04. Magna Mater I: Disgrace
05. Magna Mater II: Resurrection
06. Magna Mater III: Hope


Pressing info

180g colored vinyl pressed at dunk!pressing. Limited to 100 copies worldwide. Insert included  featuring information on the story behind the concept album.

Released independently.

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