Carved Into The Sun • The Earth Fell Away [2xLP]


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Following their critically acclaimed self-titled 2020 debut, Carved into the Sun return with a post-rock epic of truly colossal proportions! Fittingly titled “The Earth Fell Away”, the band’s sophomore record will smash the ground from under your feet and leave you absolutely floored.

Alternating highly cathartic atmospheric passages with moments of fiery aggression, “The Earth Fell Away” is a thundering record, capable of enchanting and lifting the listener just as well as smashing them in its thunderous wake. Fierce and fiery in its unrelenting advance, yet tender and mellow in its climatic build-up, this record has emotions to offer to all instrumental music fans.

The sapient mix of sprawling pieces and more restrained intermezzos make The Earth Fell Away a refreshing listen, charged with a “commanding” charge, yet gentle in its progress. Tracks like “Hexis” with a more prominent use of bass and double bass offer absolutely massive moments, whereas the more dilated tempos and ethereal ambiance of tracks like “Inverness” aid the expansion of a record that rewards each and every listener. The Other Side of Despair perfectly encapsulates the band’s two sonic halves in a bombastic 10-minute suite that serves as a perfect display-piece for a record that is in equal parts gentle and roaring.

With their sophomore record, Carved into the Sun rival the ferocity and catharsis of more renowned acts and offer a truly special emotionally captivating moment. Something for everyone, The Earth Fell Away is a truly remarkable record from one of post-rock most exciting new voices. A must have for post-rock aficionados.

FFO: Russian Circles, We Lost The Sea, Pelican, Ranges.


01. Hexis
02. 5-25-20
03. The Earth Fell Away On Every Side
04. Inverness
05. Even As A Dream
06. The Other Side of Despair
07. Through My Screams the Wind Still Whispers
08. Shoreless
09. Chasing the Rain

Pressing info:

150x Black Smoke
150x Dark Grey Marble

Released independently.

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