Celestial Wolves • Illusive Landscape of Expression [CD]

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'Illusive Landscape of Expression' by Celestial Wolves on CD.

Release: Dec. 5th, 2015.



After releasing their first full album 'Wood for Wood' with dunk!records they continued this partnership for their next album.

Due to change of personnel the music of Celestial Wolves has changed. With a new guitarist the band decided to play heavier music, influenced by Post-Metal and Stoner bands. The only thing remaining the same are the melodies woven in almost every song, as the band motto still is: Instrumental. Melodic. Dynamic. Powerful.

Instrumental music has the power to captivate thoughts, emotions or fantasy and that is the main goal of the new album: Illusive Landscape Of Expression is a tale made by the listener and Celestial Wolves provide the soundtrack.

ILoE is released on Dec. 5th, 2015.





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