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Chalk Hands • Don't Think About Death [LP]


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Don't Think About Death by Chalk Hands on 180g Sun Fade vinyl. 


The long sold-out debut by fiery Chalk Hands is finally available again, via this beautiful repress!! A gorgeous package bursting with colours to celebrate the band's multi-faceted music! A unique mix of post-rock, post-punk and good ol' fashioned hardcore punk, "Don't Think About Death" is an exciting ride, destined to spin on your record player on repeat! Through their visceral execution, always generous on the emotional side, and convincing on the compositional one, Chalk Hands have already made a name for themselves in the "post" scene. Their formula in fact is equally capable of winning over This Will Destroy You and Birds in Row lovers alike, thanks to a sapient mix of full-fledged aggression and blissful harmonies. Despite the obvious comparisons, Chalk Hands clearly have a creative mind of their own, and "Don't Think About Death" shows a compositional maturity equals if not surpasses that of the genre's giants. 


Don't Think About Death by Chalk Hands courtesy of Dog Knights Productions. 


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