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Chaver • Of Gloom [LP]


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Of Gloom by Chaver on 180g colored vinyl.

Comes in two variants in 350g reverse cardboard cover and printed innersleeve.


While all records have a story to tell and something special to offer, there are records that simply insinuate themselves into our mind and settle in, playing on repeat in our heads for days on end.

Chaver’s new album, Of Gloom, is one of those so-called ear worms, just heavier and bleaker than you’d expect one to be. Of Gloom in fact is a suffocatingly dark piece of hardcore/metalcore music and a strenuous search for atmospheric climax through oppressive yet ethereal soundscapes. Playing like one continuous song, the record’s winning formula is its sapient mix of metalcore and hardcore grooviness with black metal elements, creating a delicate balance of aggression and atmosphere, of complete bliss and total annihilation. While the band’s bellowing screams lament sadness, grief, and hurt, the funereal and suffocating ambiance the record is soaked in, oozes out throughout its playtime, strewing the whole listening experience of a sorrowful atmosphere that is extremely captivating. An hidden gem in this year’s busy metal agenda, and a record that is destined to land on your turntable and stay on it for long.


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