Chora • There Lies a Friend I Once Knew [LP]


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There Lies a Friend I Once Knew by Chora on 180g vinyl. Co-release with A Thousand Arms Music. 

Standard Edition comes in a gatefold sleeve with a 4-page booklet and on

  • Amber & Forest Green Half/Half [EU edition]
  • Smoky Amber w/ Bone and Forest splatter vinyl [US edition]
Limited to 125 copies each. 

Deluxe Edition comes in a gatefold sleeve, a 4-page booklet and a special insert printed on holographic paper and hand-numbered by A Thousand Arms Printing + an exclusive Fade vinyl colour. Limited to only 50 copies. 

Deluxe edition is limited to 1 copy per fan please. 

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Tennessee hard-hitters Chora's talent for beguiling atmospherics is on full display on their immersive debut LP "There Lies a Friend I Once Knew". Drenched in more sonic decadence than previously thought possible, this sprawling record explores bleak and frantic soundscapes in a jubilation of everything "post-". Mounting crescendos passing from the thrilling highs to the suffocating lows all culminate in explosive climaxes that simultaneously uplift and annihilate the listener. As much as an oxymoron as it sounds, Chora's power truly lies in this unique juxtaposition of contrasting emotions. 

Packed with distortion and reverb and all elegantly displayed in tasteful and captivating arrangements "There Lies a Friend I Once Knew" manages to remain bright and hopeful while exploring the darkest end of the spectrum of human emotions. A truly gripping album that we are privileged to offer in a beautiful package just in time for its one year anniversary! Fully remastered for vinyl for this occasion, the album includes expansive artwork and vinyl effects designed in close collaboration with the band to fully channel the soul of this record and transfer it to the physical format we all love. 


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North America: via A Thousand Arms
Australia via Birds Robe Records & Wild Thing Music  
UK via Church Road Records and Cheery Wave Records
China via 
New Noise China


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