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Cloakroom • Dissolution Wave [LP]


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Dissolution Wave by Cloakroom on Mustard vinyl. Comes in a gatefold cover. This is a Relapse Records release.


Cloakroom belong to a new wave of bands reviving shoegaze, blending it with post-punk and post-rock influences to serve up a deliciously sweet sonic cocktail. What sets Cloakroom apart is the wide use of vocals and a stoner rock twist to mix, with the final blend as sweet as it is addictive. The band’s approach is as straightforward as it is intricate, each song juxtaposing a robust rock backbone with delicate vocal patterns, over melodies woven by interlacing blissful guitars passages. In 2022, Cloakroom celebrated their 10th birthday with the release of the dreamy “Dissolution Wave” an album designed and recorded to give the artist a way out the hardships of a gritty reality. Conceived as a sonic-escapism of sorts, “Dissolution Wave” sounds distended and pastoral, without however, ever feeling careless or unsure, carrying the listener along on its robust shoulders, rather than leaving them disenchanted once the dream is over.



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