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DREUN XL • Dewilde Superheld [LP]


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Dewilde Superheld by DREUN XL on 180g Red vinyl


DREUN XL is project born out of a collaboration between late musician Keanu Dewilde and Tordale, an institute for people with mental disabilities. DREUN XL is a noise-rock band that celebrates life with gripping intensity and disarming sincerity. The project was started when Dewilde was a teacher at the institute, and upon his tragic passing at age 23, the band dedicated their debut album to his legacy. Aptly titled “Dewilde Superheld” (superhero in Dutch) in his honour, the album explores themes of anger and grief, but also courage and joy, in a comforting soundtrack to finding that silver lining and overcoming hardship. On the surface, DREUN XL are your typical noise-rock band, deep down however lies a unique personality that defies categorisation.

Their dissonant and improvisational style reflects the musicians’ autobiographies and echos just how opinions and things can get distorted and improvised in life. Dreun XL’s sound is a powerful outlet for those feelings that are difficult to explain with words but that music since always helps express and understand. Laying bare a “core” that is truer than ever and that spans beyond music as an art form,DREUN XL will play under the motto “it's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me“ (Batman). Band by day, superheroes by night, DREUN XL will sweep you away with their honesty and their massive Swans-like wall of sound!!


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