EF • Live at dunk!festival 2023 [LP]


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Live at dunk!festival 2023 by EF on 180g vinyl. Comes in a single sleeve with artwork by Error!Design in three beautiful pressings each picked by the band!

  • Pulsar Golden Pulsar ed. - Black Marble w/ Desert Sand Half-Pulsar
  • Hello Moon ed. - Trans Turquoise to Trans Black Fade 
  • Smokes, Obey! ed. - Clear w/ Blue and Orange Smoke

Pressed with our very own hands at dunk!pressing

Release Date

Please note: This product is a pre-order currently slated for release on May 16th. Orders containing this item (and/or other pre-order items) will be shipped only once all items in your order are in stock. 

We expect to ship this product by May 16th, however delivery date is subject to change without notice. In case of any delays, we will promptly inform you via this webpage. Thank you for your understanding and for your support!!

International Orders

A limited amount of records will be made available at one of our trusted partners:
Athousandarms - US & Canada
Church Road Records & A Cheery Wave Records - UK

Check with them in the coming weeks for more details. Thank you for your support from overseas!


Your favourite live series returns with the most elegant post-rock band around in one stunning package! Who, if not the might EF, are more than worthy to be immortalised in our "live at dunk!festival" series and be forever engraved on vinyl for generations to come? The band that brought post-rock to new emotional heights thanks to their graceful compositions and elegant arrangements deserved the royal treatment and this is precisely what we gave them on this record! Recorded in full during their live show in the beautiful Concertzaal at Viernulvier Gent last year, this record lets you relive those unforgettable moments with a stunning package! 

With a setlist comprising highlights from their entire discography EF mesmerised fans from all over the world during a performance that still leaves us begging for more. That's why we decided to press it on vinyl, so that you too can enjoy it time and time again! This record is an elegant display of everything we've come to love from years of dunk! festivals and post-rock as a whole: blissful crescendoes, bombastic climaxes, and cathartic atmospherics! This performance is packed with emotions and will transport you back to those moments of pure auditory bliss each time you drop the needle. One to own, to cherish and to play loud! Enjoy!



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