Exxasens • Le-Voyage [LP]


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Le-Voyage by Exxasens on 180g Trans Purple w/ Multicolor Splatter vinyl.

Comes in a standard 12" sleeve with subtle mat finish on colored vinyl and is limited to 300 copies worldwide.

  • Variant 1 (dunk!records): Trans Purple w/ Multicolor Splatter (limited to 100 copies)
  • Variant 2 (Exxarecords & Aloud Music ltd): Trans Creamy White w/ Orange, Red & Purple Splatter (limited to 200 copies)

Only variant 1 is available via dunk!records

Releases on September 9, 2022. 


Almost 3 years after the release of their last album, REVOLUTION, EXXASENS is back with their 7th studio album, LE-VOYAGE. This new album, composed entirely during the pandemic, consists of a total of 8 cuts where the maxim is to make the listener travel to hitherto unexplored places within the EXXASENS universe.

Progressive themes with a direct influence of contemporary bands such as Leprous or Sohen, introduction of new elements in the sound production such as horns or string sections and a point of aggressiveness in the drums where syncopated rhythms and double basses predominate, along with the elements classics present in EXXASENS productions, guitars with long echoes and reverberations, evocative synthesizers and heavy but at the same time light bass bases, make this album perhaps the most mature in the band’s history. 

An evocative and sonorous journey where the listener is tried to be transported to each of the planes that define a journey, the physical, emotional and spiritual.







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