EXXASENS • Satellites [LP]

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Satellites by EXXASENS on black vinyl.
Last copy available at a reduced price because of minor damage to the front cover. Sale of this product is final, no exchanges or returns.

Post-rock outfit EXXASSENS are all about space exploration. It is no wonder then that their sound explores beyond the boundaries of post-rock in a unique blend of sights and sounds! An epic journey from the boundless infinity of space just landed in our store! 


Not having a defined music style is certainly the main appeal of EXXASENS proposal. The EXXASENS universe is full of soundlandscapes which take the listener to a rich world of beautiful and powerful melodies. This could be the homeland of post-rock bands such as Mogwai or Explosions in the Sky, a place full of nice melodies with strong guitar atmospheres.


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